July 1st

These first few days will all be about Ghana stuff. I’d been planning to step down as executive director today, but wanted to coincide it with the new website, which seems a day or two away from being done. I worked on it all day today, revising the structure based on my conversations with GSAP people yesterday, and figured out a few of the php issues I’d been working on the day before.  The goal is to be done by tomorrow — we’ll see.

There’s also a generative music conference I’d like to present my thesis at, which has a paper (max 8 pages) submittal deadline of July 7th. Since this weekend’s going to be a little hectic, I’d like to have that done by Wednesday night.

In other productive things, I signed up to donate blood Wednesday, which I’d been meaning to do for a while.  Jesse and I also went grocery shopping and made an amazing dinner (kale with lemon, garlic, and red pepper flakes; raw corn with cherry tomatoes and cilantro; baked tofu with almonds and sesame seeds, cherries for dessert).

Goals for the Month

1) Finish Global Sustainable Aid Project website and get it online

2) Step down as GSAP executive director

3) Write paper for generative music conference

4) Finish subway app and submit project for MTA app challenge

5) Finish Eat the Alphabet program

6) Learn D3 – make 1-2 visualizations

7) Finish Hour on the Internet

8) 2 essays/posts with related data visualizations

9) Document Kinect — Body Tetris

10) Sketch out video game idea/design

11) Continue B&B sketch

12) Make something with Leap Motion